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About Pampanga Digital Influencers

Pampanga Digital Influencers (PDI) is an offline and online community of Pampanga-based social media mavens, bloggers, photographers, and entrepreneurs gathered to create one solid faction of digital influencers in the region of Pampanga.
The PDI community is geared towards the following mission:
  • To advocate for responsible and positive use of social media.
  • To help local entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses or products by helping them create an online presence through digital media.
  • To serve as a backbone for fellow digital influencers in promoting and strengthening their blogs, pages, businesses, and services.
  • To develop a new breed of responsible, passion-driven digital influencers.
  • To help in the promotion of tourism in Pampanga and the nearby regions.
Follow us on:
Facebook: pampangadigitalinfluencers
Instagram: pampangadigitalinfluencers
Youtube: pampangadigitalinfluencers
Driven by passion, united with one vision – we are #teamPDI


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